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***This SATURDAY join the BOATERS BLOC***

Nbta London's photo.

Everywhere you go in London redevelopments are happening making the housing needs for people harder.

The waterways are not excluded from this. Around Central London there is pressure to move out boaters so that property prices are not negatively effected. However, we need more mooring rings.

The whole of the navigable waters of the Bow Back Rivers was taken from us for the Olympics. Now it is only open to some trip boats and with plans to turn it into just 24 hours moorings. This should be open again to all with 14 days moorings.

There has been great reduction of facilities across the waterways. In time where there is more boats, we need more facilities. Places like West London are lacking facilities. We demand more facilities now.

Let’s march on the City and alongside other housing campaigns let our demand be heard

More Mooring Spaces
Open the Bow Back Rivers
More Facilities

Saturday 31 January at 12 noon
St Mary’s Churchyard, Newington Butts, SE1 6SQ (Elephant and Castle tube/rail)
NBTA banner and boaters will be at the corner of St Mary’s Butts and Gun Street

Privatisation with a Needy Smile: a CaRT History

The Canal and River Trust have recently made a further move towards enclosure of the London waterways, by attempting to define “place” with the use of boundaries and labels on maps. Intended only as “guidance” for continuous cruisers who may be unsure of how far they need to move every 14 days in order to be using their boats bona fide for navigation. Many new boaters may agree that this is a useful tool to help them stay on the right side of CaRT, but the more seasoned continuous cruiser may argue the necessity. Within a short while of living on the cut and moving around in our floating coffins, one gets a clear sense of locality. An ethereal definition of “place” emerges naturally as the sum of our individual experiences.

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Legal Rights Meeting 6th November 2014

For a number of reasons, the legal rights meeting planned for tonight is severely oversubscribed.  We have been overwhelmed by the response and if everyone who has booked turns up, it will simply not be possible for everybody to get in.

However, we are doing everything we can to make sure that we get the information to as many people as possible.  We are planning a second meeting for the new year, in a much bigger venue.  Also, we are going to broadcast the meeting on Ustream for anybody who cannot make it.  This will also be available online after the meeting.

The meeting is scheduled to start at 7pm.   To watch the live broadcast, go to