Help sheets

If you having problems getting a GP click here;

Full advice sheet for disabled, elderly and pregnant boaters;

Disabled boaters – know your rights says NBTA

Housing Benefits for travelling boaters

Housing Benefit for boat dwellers advice leaflet

DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) –

As a boater without a home mooring, individuals will need to provide 5 years of addresses as they come under the section ‘Unusual Addresses’. As a boater without a mooring you will need to state that you have been ‘TRAVELING’ in the address column and enter in the County which you have been traveling in. You will need to provide a ‘Care of Address’ for your certificate to be sent to which should go in the current address section the person living at this address will need to provide a covering letter allowing you to use the address for the purposes of correspondence. You will need to fill out all the counties you have been traveling in as separate addresses and the dates in which you were in these areas this can be filled out on the Continuation form which can be found on the Government website.

This will take some time as the requests must go to each and every borough you have traveled through, you will have at least 60 days way where upon if you have yet to receive any notification you will then need to prompt the Disclosure and Barring Service to contact the boroughs.

Using the CRT Complaints procedure

How to use CRT complaints procedureV2 26-2-15


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