Meeting at Mayor’s office

On 14 March 2022, NBTA London had a meeting with  Deborah Halling, Senior Policy Officer, Housing and Land GREATER LONDON AUTHORITY about NBTA Pan London Needs Assessment For Boat Dwellers Without A Home Mooring.

In the meeting, which was requested by Deborah Halling, NBTA reminded the Mayor’s office of the relevant excerpt of the existing policy for itinerant boaters, including that it was imperative for the Housing to talk direct with NBTA rather than CRT with regard to number of boats without a home mooring, and what the needs are for boat dwellers without a home mooring. We informed her of CRT’s continued reduction of mooring spaces, of CRT’s refusal to have a consultation until NBTA put pressure on CRT to do so. We also explained some basic mooring terminology, and why “bookable” moorings should not compromise existing towpath mooring spaces.

CCing boats on the Regents Canal, Islington visitor moorings (Image by Marc Barrot/Flickr)

We suggested that planning could have some weight with developers in ensuring that mooring spaces in the developed area are not taken away or restricted for boat dwellers without home moorings, for example; furthermore, simple and inexpensive facilities could be encouraged to be installed (water taps, secure boaters bins/recycling) alongside land residential facilities.

In follow-up emails after the meeting the question of grants for boat dwellers without home moorings for solar panels (thus reducing emissions whilst moored) has also been raised.

Deborah Halling was apparently committed to continuing talks with NBTA about Pan London Needs Assessment For Boat Dwellers Without A Home Mooring.

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