Call for boaters to disobey CRT’s no mooring restrictions

After a successful campaign against the ‘safety zones’ which were to be implemented on the Lee Navigation in Broxbourne and Hackney, Canal and River Trust (CRT) advised the public that they would not be introducing them; unfortunately, we now know this to be not fully true.

Due to the actions of our community, much of the so-called ‘safety zones’ was scrapped. CRT claims that they are willing to discuss safety in a constructive way via the newly formed ‘Lee Navigation Forum.’ However, instead of engaging with the users of the waterways as promised, they are continuing to introduce the ‘no mooring’ sections of the ‘safety zones’, resulting in the unnecessary removal of 295 mooring spots. There is absolutely no justification for this.

With 140 people signed up already to disobey the restrictions, we encourage people to moor in the places with new ‘no mooring’ signage and pledge on the NBTA website to ignore CRT’s ‘Safety Zone’ mooring restrictions.

Mooring protest pledge here:

Here is a template letter for enforcement:

If enforcement contacts you, you can send them this letter. The NBTA will put our full support behind anyone who disobeys the restrictions.

We are organising events in Hackney and Broxbourne.

The Hackney event will be at Daubeney Fields on *24th October * at 11am

The Broxbourne event will be opposite the Rowing Club on the same day *Sunday 24th * at 3pm


Bring your boats, bring yourself.

Together as a community we will stop CRT behaving in this way!
Our actions will win!

Find the new poster to put on your boat here:

 We are moored here in protest poster | National Bargee Travellers
Association – London Branch (

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