BBC Radio London features Safety Zone protestors

The anti-Safety Zone campaign was the major theme of Eddie Nestor’s evening drivetime show on BBC Radio London on Friday, 11 July.

Boater Nick Corrigan was invited to speak on how the zones will affect boaters and several boaters rang in to give their views. Nestor also spoke to the CRT’s Matthew Symonds, as well as Ian Henley, from Broxbourne Rowing Club.

Matthew Symonds used ridiculously inflated safety incident numbers, quoting ‘240 incidents’ over the last 6 years, but neglecting to mention that most of those incidents involved rowers colliding with stationary objects, one another and swans. Only 19% of the incidents cited were with powered boats. Why cite the irrelevant 240 figure at all except as a scare tactic?

Ian Henley used language indicating that the rowing club feels a sense of ownership over the waterway, referring to ‘our stretch of river’ rather than ‘this stretch of river’. Boaters don’t claim ownership of the water – our entire way of life is premised on cooperation and sharing.

The NBTA has edited together the relevant parts of the show. Have a listen here.

Nick Corrigan 00:58

Matthew Symonds 18:24

Ian Henley 33:50

Many boaters rang in with excellent points – listen to the whole piece to hear their arguments.

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