CRT continues to back down in the face of safety zone protests

The CRT has published a ‘stakeholder engagement form‘ seeking feedback on the ‘water safety zones’ (after the launch of the zones, let’s not forget). The deadline for filling in the form is Monday 21 June. The NBTA has prepared some draft responses for boaters to use and make their own.

The CRT has attempted to limit responses by refusing to extend the deadline for completion, allowing a window of only 19 days. Also, rather than email the form to all boaters who have signed up for CRT updates, they have emailed it only to boaters who have been sighted on the Lee since 1 January 2021. This raises clear questions as to whether the CRT is deliberately limiting the scope of the consultation.

These late efforts to talk to boaters were launched after we forced CRT’s hand with a campaign of protest. The zones, if carried out, will drastically restrict mooring on the Lee, make the river nearly unmoorable for widebeams, and squeeze boaters into double-mooring zones where single-mooring is currently the norm.

The launch of the form follows stakeholder engagement sessions with liveaboard boaters on 21 and 25 May, led by independent facilitator Hopkins Van Mil. Further sessions will be held with boaters and other stakeholders in July.

This is a success for the campaign and we need as many boaters as possible to fill in the form to voice our objections and make ourselves heard. Spread the word!

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