Update Andrzei anti-eviction campaign

The Andrzei enforcement case is said to be no longer being dealt with by the local enforcement officer and regional enforcement manager. This after Section 7 of the British Waterways act 1983, which lays out the process in which the Canal and River Trust (CRT) must do before claiming a boat is unsafe, was brought to their attention. Both CRT enforcement staff claim to have no knowledge of this section.

Andrzei’s case was then passed on to the CRT legal team for a internal ‘review’. At the end of this ‘review’, CRT is no longer saying his boat is unsafe; they are now just relying on a court judgement from 2017. The court order is to remove Andrzei’s boat from their waterways for being ‘unlawfully’ moored. For Andrzei, English is a second language and he didn’t make his case to the court. He put his licence in his girlfriend’s name and CRT was happy with movements of the boat, giving it a winter mooring. It was licensed until CRT revoked the licence, claiming the boat was ‘unsafe’.

Andrzei, with up to date insurance and Boat Safety Scheme Certificate, is able and willing to use his boat for navigation and has sent in a new licence application form. So far CRT is still saying they are going to evict.


Email CRT to change their minds in evicting Andrzei





Here is a template email:Template email to stop eviction 2

If you’re happy to be called upon to try to stop CRT evicting or if CRT tries to take his boat, please email nbtalondon@gmail.com your number and we will tell you when CRT turns up. Many people have already said that they will come and support Andrzei; however we would like as much support as we can get.

Also if you are between Paddington and Watford and you see CRT enforcement officers and/or tugs which are used for evicting boats, please text and tell us which way they are heading. The number is; 07459354163


He has moved it about 7 miles in the last three weeks and many more miles are planned.


Here is the story before the update: htt://nbtalondon.wordpress.com/2019/04/07/boat-dweller-threaten-with-eviction-urgent-help-needed/

Boat dweller threatened with eviction. Urgent help needed

Certified gas engineer and boat dweller, Andrzei, has been given an eviction notice by the Canal and River Trust (CRT) and is under immediate threat of eviction.

He is on the boat commonly called ‘the caravan boat’, which is a WW2 landing craft onto which he has skillfully welded and fixed a mobile home. He constructed a platform at the stern and mounted an outboard engine as well as reducing the air draft so it can go under many of the bridges in the system. His boat is a fully mobile boat home.

CRT is claiming the boat is unsafe despite him being a certified gas engineer and having an up to date Boat Safety Scheme Certificate. The boat safety exam was done by trusted boat safety examiner, Pete Wakeham, late last year.

It seems that prejudice has ushered CRT to call Andrzei’s home unsafe. CRT deciding a boat unsafe despite having a Boat Safety Scheme Certificate could be a slippery slope, which could see CRT think it can label any uniquely made vessel as unsafe.

We shall not let his hardworking man be made homeless by CRT.

Together we can stop this eviction.

Please email CRT to change their minds in evicting  Andrzei.





Here is a template email Template email to stop Andrzei eviction

If you are on the Grand Union main line or Paddington Arm or just in the general West London area and you’re happy to be called upon even to just film when CRT tries to evict him, please email nbtalondon@gmail.com your number and we will tell you when CRT turns up.

Please spread the word and get support to stop this eviction

Andrzei on his boat holding his Boat Safety Certificate
Andrzei’s boat