Moor on Broxbourne

And so we did by combining the Public Right of Navigation enshrined in Common Law, granting itinerant boaters on the River Lea the legal right to navigate and moor without payment to any piece of land. Along side the Parks own bylaws which require them to “refrain from interfering in established mooring practice” the signage placed up by the Lea Valley Regional Park Authority became redundant.

So what got this all started? Well, it seems that the LVRP Authority has been pestered all to frequently by a very vocal, and rather unpleasant resident; one who has notoriously invaded the privacy of boaters – harassing them, and even filming them as they go about their legal, and legitimate, business!

So watch out! NBTA, of course, advise you avoid any direct confrontation. So that means, in the mind of this particular resident, to forget about running your engine, for starters. Get a load more blankets in (because where there’s fire, there’s smoke). And were you thinking to huddle together on the towpath for warmth? Think again – towpath socialising clearly results in deafening chatter… consequently leading to a fury of angry messages all over Facebook. On a serious note, please do be aware of this apparent grudge if boating in or around the area; conducting ourselves in a safe, respectful, manner. Finally, a big thank you to the pub, all the other locals and residents who do appreciate the boater community, and are also actively opposing the new signage.