NBTA London meeting with CRT about more mooring rings

Date: Monday 26 June, 2017

Time: 13:30 – 14:30

Present: NBTA-L Graham Ryder (GR), Ben Bowles (BB), Marcus Trower (MT), Helen Brice (HB); CRT – Matthew Symonds (MS)


HB asked for MS’s response to Minutes of previous Meeting (sent by MT on 29 May)

– how far has CRT got with the service checks? MS has started but these have not been completed. Some not required (see below) MS to follow up with Sam Thomas (ST). Service checks take on average 6 weeks to do, however it can depend on the service providers.


MS reported that ST confirms that the incline at Picketts Lock is good for wheelie bins; Rye House is good in principle, but CRT are still awaiting permission (required from the landowner) for access. MS clarified that payment for this would need to come out of the next Business Plan, business cases will be submitted in September 2017 for April 2018.


MS: CRT is looking into providing mobile waste in the form of a CRT boat  before winter moorings start in 2017. (MS reminded us that all refuse collected goes to sorting sites where at least 80% is recycled.) The bin boat (mobile narrow hopper) may be operated by volunteers (tbc). MS had no further details on this, but CRT are talking to Lee Wilshire. HB suggested that MS may put feelers out to NBTA-L for volunteers to assist with this service.


MS reported ST’s correction to the NBTA-L’s Newsletter about the towpath bins that are being taken away. ST affirmed that this is a London only project, that there will be 40 bins (as opposed to a National scheme with 40% removal of bins, as reported in the NBTA-L Newsletter), which is 30% of bins.  HB explained that she had asked in emails and in phone call messages to ST and Sorwar Ahmed (SA) for comments/approval of the previous Minutes, but none were forthcoming from anyone from CRT.  MT reaffirmed that NBTA-L members present at the previous meeting had all believed that the figure was 40%. NBTA-L agreed at MS’s suggestion that before NBTA publish anything prior to Minutes being approved, NBTA will check specific figures with CRT.


MS reiterated that the saving for CRT is the “additional costs” of clearing any towpath fly tipping around bins.  MS said that the money we saved from the removal of bins will be spent on Biffa bins collection and on additional Biffa bins installation and it is hoped this will reduce fly tipping too.


BB asked about dredging costs. MS explained that cost is from the national budget and that Peter Birch and his team is responsible for dredging and costs. There is a London waterways budget for dredging, CRT will be looking at where to dredge on the London waterways.


BB presented the summary of the NBTA-L boaters’ survey on where people wanted mooring rings.  Where CRT’s sites for mooring rings that MC and SA had visited on the towpath walk matched those identified by NBTA-L, MS pointed these out. In particular MS confirmed that CRT were contemplating short stay moorings along Regents Park (NBTA-L Site 10); MS stated that CRT would probably not support mooring opposite Pirates Castle (NBTA-L Site 9) as the water space here is busy and well used.


BB and GR stated that NBTA-L Sites 1 and 2 (Salmon Lane) were concrete, so good for rings.  GR stated that he elicited from CRT the material and method used for creating mooring rings, and that he would be able to create moorings for less than the quoted £100 each, having discussed the process with the appropriate CRT works/maintenance team.


MS confirmed that CRT week of 26 June 2017 are already installing mooring rings on NBTA-L apart of Site 11 – : North of Old Oak Lane (Willesden Junction).  Site 11 is between Action Lane (Harlesden) and Old Oak Lane (Willesden Junction).


Other sites we push for because the high demand for them from the survey;


Site 4 Kingsland basin (Extend moorings from Proud Archivist bar to Whitmore Road)

Site 7 Opposite Battles Bridge Basin to Caledonia Road (Extend from opposite Battle bridge Basin to Caledonian Road)

Site 9 Kentish Town Lock (Camden Street to Kentish Town Road)


MT proposed that where there are short towpath railings that CRT insert mooring rings (instead of “No Mooring” signage) to prevent boaters from tying their ropes to the railings. NBTA- L agreed at MS’s request to report back the specific sites for these railings/rings. [HB mentioned the short railings at Caledonian Road just through from Islington Tunnel in N1, and at the Rosemary Branch Pub mooring (junction Baring St/Southgate Rd N1 junction)].


MS agreed to ask ST about GR working with ST’s maintenance and works team on the installation of new mooring rings.