Meeting with CRT to get more facilities

Here are the minutes from meeting we had with CRT to get more facilities;

NBTA-L and CRT Facilities Meeting

Friday 28 April 2017

Present: NBTA-L – Marcus Trower (MT), Helen Delmar (HD), Helen Brice (HB); CRT – Matthew Symonds (MS), Sorwar Ahmed (SA), Sam Thomas (ST), Gareth, Alexander Gudmestad (AG)


MT presented NBTAL thoughts on facilities explaining that it was mainly east London and River Lee that warranted most attention according to our NBTAL boaters survey.

1)Ponders End Lock(First highest after by Waltham Cross)

Where there is a waterpoint connected, it makes sense to install bins, pumpout, Elsan, possible loo lock. – Looks feasible speaking with contracts about access

ST said he would do a Service Search (Leeds) but this will take at least 28 days; and talk to existing staff who’ve worked in the area for 25 yrs. – Not required

NBTAL suggested bottom of ramp; Biffa to research, as it depends on the gradiant of ramp.


River Stort/Lee

NBTAL suggested that at Rye House, bins were put on towpath side. Also pumpout,  elsan and tap, adding that it’s a good place as it’s a junction. – Beginning dialogue with the Speedway about access- rubbish disposal only a real possibility at  present

Fieldes Weir

(EXISTING Elsan, EXISTING tap, SIGNAGE needed for new bins at Rye House)


NBTAL suggested Elsan at Coppermill. ST thought that the buildings have septic tanks – ST to do a service search. – Not completed yet

ST pointed out that Hillingdon Marina pumpout is open to public.

4) Bulls Bridge

NBTAL suggested Pumpout, Elsan& Bin

it’s a good place as it’s a junction and next to tap and recycling box


5) Springwell

NBTAL suggested Water point


6) Denham

NBTAL suggested Rubbish Bins


CRT didn’t disagree when any of NBTAL’s proposals,they seem to think they were good ideas. CRT will be doing service searches on the areas NBTAL to see the practically of putting facilities in there.

CRT said that business case will need to be made for new facilities. MS confirmed that he will be submitting business case to support the implementation of the LMS, as it is on of the Trust’s strategic projects he anticipates that there will be funding to support implementation.

We asked if it was possible for trained and insured boater trade persons get do some of the work as we believe they will do a cheaper/ better job than others. Yes CRT said the Trust is very happy to explore working with boaters to undertake smaller jobs. SA suggested boater tradesmen could be in the future linked to an adoption for a “small” job. ‘Small’ jobs being less than 20k


SA reported that King’s Cross development of St Pancras Cruising Club provides a pumpout and is having their pumpout upgraded.

ST asked whether at Springwell a Biffa bin could be brought through the car park

CRT produced maps that were colour coded red, amber and green showing the frequency of facilites

NBTA-L requested that we make red parts amber and amber fewer as a priority.

MS asked, what about improving existing over-capacitated facilities . NBTAL said we’ll come back on this, as well as mooring rings.

Sawbridgeworth could be looked into for more facilities.

AG mentioned that CRT’s Rick Jones is in talks with council (Enfield office).

AG suggested bookable places for fit out waste.

ST announced that CRT are removing 30% (40 bins) of bins across the network. If there are 3 bins in 1/2km, then 1 bin will be removed. ST said he will send research on this to NBTAL. ST said that the excess bins will go in to storage and the money CRT save will go in to other kinds of waste disposal.

ST stated that CRT can put a pump in to increase water pressure and that they would bear this in mind for new installations.

NBTA asked about Victoria Park Lock security – ST to send detail of the building so that NBTAL can look at the what can be done to involve security.

ST stated that an Elsan will be installed at Norwood Top Lock this financial year.

AG talked about The Lee Rowing Club with regards a request by the Club of easing navigation, e.g. Widebeam and a rowing boat to pass at same time. AG spoke of “pinch points”. MT asked for facts. Also put in moorings where there might have to be single moorings. SA will look at this in the overall strategy.


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