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The NBTA is an organisation open to all but is run by people who live on their boats and travel, 12 months a year and as part of their lifestyle, in other words not just for the summer and not just for fun.


Our community has few specific rights in law and navigation authorities do not always respect our homes; they are progressively imposing tougher restrictions on Bargee Travellers even when these are not lawful. Every year boat dwellers are evicted and their boats seized. No one should be made homeless, including boat dwellers.

Originally, most people living on boats on the UK’s waterways were working people on low incomes. Now, the waterways are increasingly developed in favor of profitable property developments and the leisure industry, rather than meeting our needs as a community and we need to be hot on a variety of stratergies to ensure the legacy of our way of life continues.

We can do this by working for more facilities such as water taps and rubbish disposal. There needs to better upkeep of locks and bridges, and proper maintenance of the water bank so that boats can moor alongside them in more places.

The NBTA is an open organisation which aims to defend and improve our community’s way of life.

The NBTA London is campaigning for the rights of boat dwellers and are fundraising to cover basic costs such as awareness raising, printing, meetings and importantly, helping other boaters.  Please help us to continue our work.

Here are the sort of things we spend the money we raise on:

  • Printing – newsletters, placards and flyers.
  • Caseworker Office/ storage.
  • Public Events: info parties like Winter Warmer and the Towpath Gathering; food, fuel, room bookings, travel for visiting speakers.

In the future we would also like to make contributions to travel expenses of the volunteers who work tirelessly to attend meetings with Policy makers, developers, councils and the Canal and River Trust.

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Kind regards,

Helen Delmar

Treasurer of NBTA London

The National Bargee Travellers Association (NBTA) is a volunteer organisation that campaigns and provides support and advice for boat dwellers without permanent moorings on Britain’s inland and coastal waterways. The term ‘Bargee Traveller’ includes any person whose only or main home is a boat and who does not have a permanent residential mooring for their boat.