Great Winter Warmer!

This years NBTA London Winter Warmer collected together 35 London bargee travellers. We were served good food, a great film followed by warm discussion.

The spirit of the do it yourself culture had not escaped bargee travellers as we sat around tables built that very day out of pallets. After eating food freshly prepared by the bargee travellers cooked at the venue, we watch the short film ‘Off the Cut’. The film showed us that the kind of attacks we are under in London from CRT are much the same as the stresses and strains placed on the boat dweller community on the Kennet and Avon canal in the West Country. Inspired by the documentary and the introduction from the director herself (Wendy Zakiewicz), we then broke out into discussion on a great amount of issues we face as boat dwellers. There was great enthusiasm by people that are not presently members of the NBTA for us to fight the CRTs policy of threating people with eviction. There was a real feeling that something has to be done for boat dwellers and support for the boat dweller demo next year (on the Saturday 8th April) was high.

So overall it was a good mix of food, working together, socialising, a good film and discussion about what we should do to defending our homes and fight for better conditions such as more facilities such as water points, elsans and rubbish bins!

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