The Towpath Gathering

The Towpath Gathering is on Saturday 11 June at 12 noon in Victoria Park at the furthest western gate of the park (Canal Gate).


It’s been about a year since the Canal and River Trust (CRT) started its policy of threatening to evict or actually evicting people in the travelling boater community for their distance travelled or their pattern of movement. The number of boats without home moorings has declined since the time the policy was brought in.

The policy has put pressure on the community. But many boat dwellers stand defiant against CRT’s policy and demand more mooring rings and facilities.

Unity of our community is key and as such we are organising a celebration of the boater community at our annual Towpath Gathering.

There will be music, entertaining acts, spoken word, film showing, speeches, and arts&crafts from the boater community.

As if that wasn’t enough, there will a wide range of trade boats!
The record boat, jewellery boat, cafe boat, poetry boat, museum boat and the Village Butty will all be there and possibly more.

The Towpath Gathering is on:
Saturday 11 June at 12 noon at the furthest western end of Victoria Park on the canal (Canal Gate).

Please come, enjoy and celebrate the boater community with us.

All are welcome!

Facebook event here;


Twitter; @nbtalondon

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