Protest at CRT’s headquarters

We need to keep up the pressure on CRT!!

Please join us at the protest at CRTs headquarters at:

First Floor North,
Station House,
500 Elder Gate,
Milton Keynes
We will be there, when they’re in, 12 noon on Tuesday 10 May. Their HQ is just outside Milton Keynes train station MK9 1BB
We will have a blown up picture of the big Boats are Homes demo, banners and placards. They will notice us.
No to boater evictions
No to ‘restricted licences’
Yes to freedom to navigate


Please contact or 07710160340 for more information

We are also on twitter @nbtalondon

One thought on “Protest at CRT’s headquarters”

  1. Frankly I want to see the CRT abolished and replaced with an accountable organisation. We are being betrayed. My mp has written to the chairman of CRT twice since last September about the Boats Are Homes petition, but he has simply not bothered (or has refused) to reply.


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