Stonebridge Towpath Gathering

Sunday 27th March at 12 noon

Stonebridge Lock, Tottenham, Lock 16 on the River Lea

Canal and River Trust (CRT) is planning to restricted the use of the toilets showers at Stonebridge lock. Their plan is to restrict the opening times of the toilets and showers to only when the Stonebridge cafe is open*. This will put extra strain on our ever decreasing number of facilities and it could give CRT more confidence in shutting down the Stonebridge facilities altogether as they have threaten in the past.

There has been a long history of threats as well as resistance to the closure of Stonebridge so lets not let them get away with it now!


NBTA London has been talking with CRT to try and stop them making these restrictions. However, CRT has refused our proposals. Therefore, we must act.

We are organising a protest against CRT’s plans by holding a vibrant celebration of the boater community and for the protection of Stonebridge. There will be music, an open mic, speeches, crafts and much more.

Come along, bring others, lets show CRT our voice and take back our facilities!

It will be at Stonebridge Lock, Tottenham, Lock 16 on the River Lea on27th March at 12 noon.

*Stonebridge cafe is open 8am-5pm on Tuesday-Friday; 8am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday; and closed Monday.

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