Solidarity against the Bill

On the 30th January, a delegation of NBTA members went to show solidarity to the people affected by the Government’s Housing and Planning Bill by joining a demo against the bill. The Bill doesn’t attack bargee travellers, however due to the level of attack on other housing tenures, we believe we must show our solidarity with the people fighting it. The housing attacks range from making councils forcibly sell off council homes to making it harder to stay in traveller sites as Gypsies or travellers.

For more details of the Bill click here

Due to our involvement in the campaign against the Bill our demand for more mooring spaces has been taken up by the campaign as well.

housing bill demo

This kind of solidarity will see the different communities benefit and we will keep it up.

BBC 4 show on Continuous Cruisers

BBC 4 show

Michelle Madsen makes the case for the life of a continuous cruiser on Britain’s rivers and canals. Michelle is a poet and journalist who has spent the last two years living aboard a boat, and discusses how ithas affected her poetry, her prose, her friendships and her life.