Useful emails

Useful emails

NBTA London

Caseworker NBTA London group


Monday to Saturday 8:30am to 9:30pm and on Sundays 8:30am to 5pm


0118 321 4128


The chief executive of the Canal & River Trust

CRT Welfare Officer

Head of Customer Services

Head of Boating

CRT’s Relationship, Policy and Strategy Manager

Subject Access Requests


Boating Co-ordinator


Customer Service Co-Ordinator

(Person to get your signing from)

Enforcement (what CRT now calls Boat Licence Customer Support)

Head of Enforcement

Enforcement Operations Manager

Non-london enforcement officers:


Boating and Customer Service Manager for London and South East

Sarah Lee

Head of London & South East Operations at Canal & River Trust

Boating Manager for the London & South-East Region

Enforcement now called Licence Support

Enforcement officers change from time to time, check here for changes:

Enforcement Supervisor (London Region)

Supervisor London & South East region – West London & Grand Union and South Oxford canals

Enforcement Officer (Upper Lee & Stort)


Enforcement Officer ( Lee Navigation (Fieldes Weir to Markfield Park )

Enforcement officer (Limehouse Cut, Limehouse Basin, Hertford Union (aka Ducketts), Lee Navigation(Three Mills to East Wick)

Enforcement officer Lee Navigation (Homerton Wharf to Springfield Park)

Enforcement Officer  (Regents Canal and Paddington Arm Kensal to Paddington)


Enforcement Officer (Grand Union Canal (Cosgrove to Hunton Bridge)

Boating Coordinator (Brentford)

Boating Coordinator (Enfield)

Conor Duffy – Data Collector (Central & West London)

John Camfield – Data Collector (East London)


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