Boater Eviction Stopped

Victory! We have won in getting CRT to re-licence Jeff!

The campaign for Jeff has only been going for 6 days and we’ve won! I believe that CRT was worried about their draconian actions getting into the wider press.

This was due to the pressure we put on CRT and it’s thanks to all those that signed the petition and the ground work that the NBTA have put in.

However, the licence which Jeff has accepted is a 6 month licence rather than a full 12 months licence. CRT gave him a 6 month licence because they are still saying that he did something wrong but ‘has made some effort to improve’. But improved what?? He did nothing wrong!

Although Jeff has accepted the 6 month licence this is not to say that we agree with CRT that he did something wrong. And we must be clear that NOT travelling in a straight line is NOT a reason to punish boat dwellers.

We need to keep on campaigning and supporting boaters so that CRT doesn’t get away with evicting boat dwellers from the waterways.

From May to October this year, CRT has issued 826 reduced licences and there are many more boats that could be getting a reduced licence in the upcoming months. Of these, many will be refused a licence and we will need to be there to support them.

CRT would not have given Jeff a licence if it was not for the National Bargee Travellers Association (NBTA). And it shows how important the NBTA is in fighting for our homes. The NBTA campaigns in the defence of boat dwellers, and if you haven’t already, please join the NBTA by following this link:

For more info about Jeff’s case:

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