Trial Mooring Code

In 2003, British Waterways (BW) (the predecessor of CRT) introduced a Trial Mooring Code requiring Constant Cruisers to travel a staggering 120 consecutive lock miles every 3 months, and log their cruising in a book available to patrol officers on demand. BW claimed this was necessary due to overcrowding and overstaying. The new policy was scrapped however, following profound pressure from the boater community, local user groups and an independent consultation. The independent consultation examined opinions and impacts on the entire boater community, particularly the impact on healthcare access, education, employment and benefits. The 2003 campaign showed that we can win, which is why now, as we face a similar fight with CRT, it is important to reflect and learn from previous successes.

The independent consultation was produced by Hannah and David Luff. David will be speaking about the campaign in 2003 and possible future strategies for boaters at the NBTA London Winter Warmer on Thursday 12th November. For further information


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