‘Have one on us’ says the London branch of the NBTA as the Old Ford Lock toilet re-opens

The boaters toilet at Old Ford Lock in Hackney will be re-opened this weekend following an agreement between the Canal and River Trust and the London branch of the National Bargee Travellers Association following the recent Forage For Facilities event.

cat on crapper

The toilet was closed a few years ago due to vandalism, but following the negotiations as part of the Forage for Facilities, the toilet will be fitted with a padlock and be in use again on Monday 19th October, 2016. As part of the refit, a new rubber seal will also be fitted to the elsan to stop it clanging.

A spokesperson for the NBTAL said: “This is the boater’s toilet, so please have one on us and help to keep it clean and watch out for vandalism. CRT will maintain it as part of their maintenance schedule and the NBTAL has pledged to make any repairs, but if it’s totally trashed we may lose it for good.”

CRT claim that they spent over £10,000 on repairing vandalised boater facilities in London so far this year.

It is believed that London Mayor Boris Johnson may be coming to the opening ceremony to cut the ribbon and take the first dump.



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