60 London boats on restricted licences and 25 boats seized as CRT’s enforcement policy begins to bite

60 London boats on restricted licences and 25 boats seized as CRT’s enforcement policy begins to bite

Simon Cadek, London Enforcement Manager gave a presentation at the CRT London Canal User Group meeting last Wednesday 15th April. A LNBTA member was present and made notes. The slides containing the figures will be available soon on the CRT website, but in the meantime here’s the lowdown. If I am not quite sure of the exact figure I have put a question mark next to it.


From my notes the figures where – out of 150? new first year licences coming up for renewal this year – 19 where given 3 month restricted licences and 41 given 6 month restricted licences. ‘Restricted licence’ is the exact term CRT used.

Also – 12 boats have been seized in London since January and 25 are about to be and (according to Cadek) “a lot more are heading that way.” No information was given as to why the boats were seized – whether its non cc ing, no licence or other BUT he did say that 371 boats in London are currently “in the enforcement process for non cc- ing” and 20? for overstaying.

The ‘restricted licences’ are a temporary measure “while boaters get used to the new policy”, so I asked what happens after the temporary measure? Will boats get any warning or will they just get their licences refused? Cadek answered – “boaters will always be warned before we remove their licences.”

Also from the meeting – a Little Venice resident had a go at the IWA representative because the jazz music stage on the pontoons next to the island at last year’s Canalcade killed all the baby swans nesting on the island.

Just to reassure you – no baby swans at all were killed during the making of Sunday’s London Bargee Traveller Association’s Towpath Gathering at Vickie park/regents canal.


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