Towpath Gathering – Victoria Park 19th April

Towpath Gathering – Sunday 19th April – 12 noon
Canal Gate, Victoria Park (Western-most entrance)IMGP6550

An open air meeting and celebration of the boat community. There will be music and speeches from the boater community, alongside trade boats, bunting, banners, balloons and placards… and much more.

This is during a time when the Canal & River Trust (CRT) plans to refuse full licences to lawful boaters who “don’t move far enough”.

Along with refusing licences, CRT plan to issue some boats with a more expensive and shorter 6-month licence, on the condition that CRT will only give full licences once the boater changes their ways.

For one reason or another many of us move around various parts of London, and that is our right. But CRT plans to set requirements that go beyond the British Waterways Act 1995. This Act clearly states how often boats should move, but does not state any minimum distance that we have to travel nor follow any specific cruising pattern beyond the stated 14 day limit.

We must not allow CRT to debilitate our community. Please show your support at the Towpath Gathering.

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