CRT Hands Off Our Homes! Public Meeting, 22nd January 2015, London

The Canal & River Trust (CRT) is on a mission to make the lives of live-aboards without home moorings harder. CRT has been meeting with some boaters’ groups to try to get an agreement to an unlawful definition of “place” and an unlawful minimum distance that continuous cruisers should travel to comply with Section 17 (3)(c)(ii) of the British Waterways Act 1995. This, together with recently concreted towpaths without mooring rings that are impossible to moor boats on, and the lack of facilities like water taps, threatens our homes. We must stop CRT making our lives harder. We need more mooring rings, more facilities and no further mooring restrictions.

The National Bargee Travellers Association London is hosting a public meeting about these attacks on boat dwellers and discussion about what we can do about it. We have also invited some speakers from the wider housing movement so we can get ideas about what can be done to defend our homes. Join us at this campaign meeting to plan what action to take.

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